Lost. Stolen. Forgotten… until the Alphabits step in.

A Team A.L.P.H.A. spinoff series.

Patton Ryder has always taken pride in the differences between him and his twin brother, Ozzy. But now that Ozzy is mated and has a growing family, Patton is starting to realize that maybe being completely different isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Axel Wilson is extremely protective of his former street crew, a bunch of child thieves who are under the care of his mentor, Saul Hagin. But Saul is dead, and Saul’s mate Ira has dollar signs where his heart should be. Not knowing what else to do, Axel makes a call for help, not realizing that his problem is going to land smack dab in front of the Alphabits, and drop him right on top of his true mate’s lap.

Just because they’re mates doesn’t mean Patton trusts the former thief, but the more they dig into the case and Axel’s past, the more he realizes that Axel has a giant heart full of love that has never been returned the way it ought to. But that gentle heart might be forever scarred if they can’t rescue the kids from Ira’s cold machinations soon enough.

The Alphabits aren’t vigilantes. These former soldiers and officers of the law have to do things by the book—even when it tears them apart to do so. But once all their ducks are in a row, the bad guys had better beware! You do not want this team of protective alphas on your tail.

This is the fifth in the Alphabits series, and should be read in order for maximum enjoyment. You can expect to find naughty, knotty scenes of steamy passion, along with a lot of potty-mouth language and some violence. Be ready for a go-go dancing snow leopard, the rolliest and polliest of hedgehogs and the first appearance of a vortex in the Team ALPHA world. HEA definitely included, intended for 18+ readers only. Seriously, would you expect anything less from Susi Hawke and Crista Crown?

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