Three Hearts Collection: The Complete Trilogy

This trilogy takes you on a journey of MMM love with pregnancy and sweet heat. It's knotty and quirky, each book featuring two alphas and an omega who find healing and wholeness in the completion of their triad.

The Surrogate Omega
If two are better than one... then three is best!
Alphas Dusty and Rich are an unusual pair, but they're happy together, and they never dreamed of needing something... some
one more... until their omega surrogate, Josiah, walked into their life.

The Divorced Omega
Can two men heal the wounds Ethan's ex left behind?
Ethan has no intentions of jumping into another serious relationship after the terrible one he'd just left behind. But there's something endearing about Ryan's awkwardness, a refreshing honesty in his lack of charm. And Larry is everything caring and strong. Ethan's terrified to trust again, but somehow, their triangle makes him feel safer than he ever imagined possible.

The Cautious Omega
Hippy dippy, footloose and free, doula Kai lives in the moment. He's never considered an exclusive relationship, not only because it seemed to confining, but because he'd always been told he was "too much" for one person. But when a no-strings attached fling with recently discharged veteran Scott and equally non-committal British "football" player Julian turns into something more... Kai starts to wonder if forever is something he 
could handle. After all, forever is just a series of moments falling one after the other...

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