The Omega’s Dance

What do you do when your one-night stand shows up in your regular life?

Alec Santiago is a single dad with a busy job; the last thing he’s looking for is a relationship. In the years since he lost his husband, he’s stayed faithful to his memory—aside from the occasional hook-up when he gets lonely.

Kade MacIntosh is a flirty, fun-loving, and happily-single omega. The only commitment he’s interested in is the one he’s made to teach dance to the kids of MacIntosh Meadows. Alphas? Please. Who needs them? Not Kade. Especially after the way he watched his parent’s marriage implode when he was a child. 

After a one-night stand in a neighboring town leaves Kade pregnant by an alpha he has no way of contacting, he’s ready to be a single dad. But what the heck is he supposed to do when Mr. Hot Stuff shows up in his studio? 

The more that Kade and Alec try to pull away from each other, the more that fate keeps shoving them together—through busted water pipes, awful parents, pregnancy woes, and dance classes with cute kids who are way too smart for their own good. 

This book is over 55k and contains mpreg, adults adulting in fun & sexy ways, and probably more pottymouth language than should be used in a book with kids underfoot. 18+ readers only please.

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