The Bewitched Alpha

A determined omega of great talent and an even greater mission... An easy-going alpha with a rootless pack... Some matches are truly fated.

Zeke Steele wishes he had time to enjoy the moment when he catches the scent of his true mate, but who has time for that? He sure as heck doesn’t. Not when he has a twin brother whose life is hanging in the balance if Zeke can’t find him in time.

Their father wouldn’t listen to the rumors of traffickers working in the California territory. Dangerous as it may be, Zeke’s actually considering trying to meet with the Territory Chief. Maybe he’ll listen? One thing is for sure, Zeke needs help.

Maybe he should’ve asked for assistance from his fated mate instead of stealing his Harley. Nah… If there’s one thing Zeke knows, it’s that alphas can’t be trusted. Especially pretty ones with big, sparkly eyes who give pro-level kisses.

But what if his mate’s different? The big lug did ride a Harley, after all. And bikers often knew other bikers. People who’d willing to fight the jerks who were holding his twin captive. It was risky, but Zeke’s almost desperate enough to try. Almost.

Before anything happens, Zeke has a test. First, his mate needs to find him and retrieve the stolen bike. If he can pull off moves like that, Zeke might be willing to consider rethinking this whole fated mate thing and accept his assistance. Maybe.

The West Coast Wolves is an mpreg series about five alphas. A small pack of bikers who spent years riding the highways and helping those in need until fate gave them each a pack to lead. This full-length novel is Tucker’s story. Prepare yourself for fierce omegas looking to rewrite archaic pack laws, an alpha who will do anything for his mate, and too many laughs for a book where a lot of bad men die. But then again, this is a Susi Hawke book, so what else can you expect?

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