Survivor’s tears shed, given in grief… forever in stone they found relief.

Jon is an omega jaguar, and one of the powerful psychic triplets born to parents of dual powers. Thanks to his gift, he’s always known who his mate would be. The only thing he didn’t know was when his mate would finally figure it out. He’s had to wait his entire life for Jude to scent him, not an easy task for an impatient wild child who likes to leap before he looks.

Jude is a laid-back alpha coyote who’s always had a thing for the middle “trip” with the sexy smile. When he discovers that Jon is his mate, he knows that his mundane life is never going to be the same, thank the goddess. 

After getting the clue that puts them on the trail to an elusive stone called an Apache Tear, they find themselves on a journey to the American southwest. With the help of their pack, the guys will do their best to complete their quest despite Jon being pregnant. Finding a rock in the desert should be easy enough, right? 

This is the second book of the Legacy Warrior series. This is a shorter book of about 30k and guaranteed to have an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, and adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways. It also contains way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language! Watch out for toppy omegas, pregnant gargoyles, and a fierce furball named Spike.

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