Super Spiced Omega Bundle II: Hollydale Omegas Books 6-12

Welcome to Hollydale, a magical town where things aren’t always as they appear.

The Hollydale Omegas is a sweet, feel good series about finding love in a small town… with a little supernatural help. This is a non-shifter, contemporary mpreg series. Settle in with a good snack before you dive into this intriguing mix of fun, friendship and family. From elves and ghosts, to cupid and leprechauns—this series will steal your heart.

This bundle contains the final seven books from this best-selling series, but does NOT include the special entertainment cookbook: Hollydale, please. Also included is 11k of bonus material.

Books Included:

Shamrock Spiced Omega — Braden and Greg are a pair of “bros”. They’re best friends, roomies, and occasional hook-up partners… until a magical gift from a special leprechaun changes their lives completely.

Marshmallow Spiced Omega — When Grazer comes back to town, he finds a real surprise waiting for him. Popular YouTube star of The Omega Manny, Luke is the younger guy Grazer had fun with before he left town. So who is the baby that Luke is carrying around?

Maple Spiced Omega — When Scott went to explore the Canadian wilds, the last thing he expected was to find romance with a hot, older mountie.

Cider Spiced Omega — When Todd had a hookup at The Big O, he never would’ve expected to come face-to-face with the guy the next day… as his newest employee at The Sausage Shack. Single dad Hugo came to Hollydale to find a fresh start for him and his son.

Nutmeg Spiced Omega — Tired of the playboy lifestyle, Gabe Smythe comes to Hollydale with one goal—to reunite with his long-lost brother, Rafe. What he didn’t expect was Cody… a stubborn omega who doesn’t want an alpha.

Vanilla Spiced Omega — Shane and Keith’s would-be romantic dreams were dashed when their parents fell in love. Years have passed, but these stepbrothers still long for each other.

Freedom Spiced Omega — When Hollydale’s most hated alpha and clumsiest omega meet up, only one thing can happen… complete fireworks.

Bonus Epilogues:

There are four bonus epilogues of brand-new material included in this bundle.
- Red Ball, featuring two of the Hollydale “kids”who are now teens.
- Hank the Tank at home with his family
- Tom Faces Forty
- Tofer and Seamus Dance-off

These books are sweet romances but all contain adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways and occasional potty mouth language that might make a sailor blush. Keep an eye out for supernatural characters, businesses with a serious innuendo naming issue, and enough feels to make the grinch himself reach for a tissue. This bundle contains seven books and four epilogues for a combined total of over 242,000 words, or 900 pages, of sweet fluffy heat.

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