Super Spiced Omega Bundle: Hollydale Omegas Books 1-5

Welcome to Hollydale, a magical town where things aren’t always as they appear.

The Hollydale Omegas is a sweet, feel good series about finding love in a small town… with a little supernatural help. This is a non-shifter, contemporary mpreg series. Settle in with a good snack before you dive into this intriguing mix of fun, friendship and family. From elves and ghosts, to cupid and leprechauns—this series will steal your heart.

This bundle contains the first five books from this best-selling series. Also included is what I consider “book five and a half”, Strawberry Spiced Omega. This bonus short is 8k and features a couple that appear peripherally in other books.

Books Included:

Pumpkin Spiced Omega — Rafe is an alpha who writes the romance novels that omega Milo loves to read. A major misunderstanding disrupts their smooth beginning, and only the ghostly help of a beloved nana can bring these stubborn men back together.

Cinnamon Spiced Omega — Christian is an alpha who can’t help but be drawn to the homeless, pregnant omega he literally bumps into in the alley behind his shop. Liam is fighting to survive and afraid to trust another alpha. A little angelic help from the stogie smoking, crusty old man who keeps poking into their lives nudges these two together.

Peppermint Spiced Omega — Omega, please. “Ginger boy” Tom is a flamboyant omega who prefers to speak in the third person… partially because Tom loves drama, but also because Tom has suffered major pain in the past that he prefers not to think about, thank you very much. When he meets Colin, aka his hot alpha daddy, Tom is smitten. A surprise from the past helps heal Tom’s heart, with a little help from a kooky elf named Tofer, a little ginger-haired girl who will steal your heart, and an alpha who is Tom’s perfect match. 

Champagne Spiced Omega — Cecil is not your average omega, and he definitely does not have any plans to ever have one of those sticky fingered, screaming little womb rats of his own. Playboy alpha Ian goes home with him for a night, then sticks around to help when Cecil suddenly finds himself the guardian of a newborn infant. Two guys who never thought past a one-night stand discover that falling in love is the ultimate adventure. 

Chocolate Spiced Omega — Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. Kent is happy to see the omega again who slipped out after their one steamy night together… until the little recipe thief starts stealing business away from the candy shop he works for and pulling them across the street to his snooty French bakery. Pierre is a single dad with zero desire for an alpha. Lovers to enemies to… making a family? This book will leave you smiling and cheering for this stubborn couple who need more than little help from Amor, a chubby hippie who may not be quite as simple as he seems. 

Bonus Short: 

Strawberry Spiced Omega — Dr. Hank and Ezra are like ships passing in the night. They could be great together, but the timing just isn’t right. A surprise pregnancy and a little help from Amor is the only thing that can save this pair who might just find they’re each other’s perfect match. 

These books are all intended for 18+ readers only. They contain adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways and occasional potty mouth language that might make a sailor blush. Keep an eye out for supernatural characters, businesses with a serious innuendo naming issue, and enough feels to make the grinch himself reach for a tissue. This bundle contains five books and one short story for over 125,000 words of sweet fluffy heat. Possible triggers for mentions of past sexual trauma, abuse, and a sick child who’s fighting for her life.

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