Something Like Heaven

Love is beautiful and glorious and… something like heaven.

As a guardian angel, Nikolai has one job—to protect his charge. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Follow the Corporate manual and watch over the charge in his care to the best of his ability. Which isn’t a problem since following the rules is what he does best.

Until now. Until this charge. Until Nicolai begins to… feel.

Nikolai is stunned when he first experiences human emotions. The next shocker comes when he falls in love with his own charge—his Jonathan. Whether or not to save Jonathan when his life is at risk isn’t even a question, neither is sacrificing his grace to make it happen.

This 26k short read novella is the prequel for an upcoming series. Watch out for an adorable demon, dreams coming true, and the biggest shocker two cis males could never expect to receive. Yes, this is an mpreg story! I hope you find all the heart and laughter you can expect from Susi Hawke.

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