Shamrock Spiced Omega

"I know you're not the kind of omega who needs an alpha to protect him. You’re strong enough on your own. That's why you're my bromega... a bro who happens to be an omega that I would give anything for... "

Greg may be an omega, but he doesn't let that define him. Aside from his almost compulsive need to clean, the most important thing to him is his job as the long-time bartender at The Big O. Greg is far from a delicate omega. In fact, he’s the same size as his best friend - an alpha who he always falls back into bed with when they’re between relationships. 

Braden is a casual kind of alpha bro. He spends his time - and makes his money - playing video games. A slacker who never leaves the house, let alone bothers with unnecessary details like getting dressed, Braden is happy to settle into a non-relationship agreement with his bestie. It’s not like they’re gonna do anything silly like fall in love anyway - they’re just bros being bros.

When Greg saves the life of a quirky Irishman, he’s given an unexpected boon - his lifelong infertility is miraculously cured and he finds himself pregnant. Too bad nobody gave him the heads up that this was even a possibility.

Return to Hollydale for a friends to lovers tale of two guys who are perfect for each other, if they can just open their hearts and risk their friendship by taking a chance on love. 

This is the sixth book of The Hollydale Omegas series. This book is about 27k and most likely contains an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, adults adulting in sexy grown-up ways, and way more than an occasional use of potty mouth language.

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