Settle for Anything

If this cub is crazy enough to accept a fated mate old enough to be his grandpa, he must be ready to settle for anything. Good thing I won’t let him.

Samuel Jenkins gave up on finding his fated mate years ago. Decades, actually. This bobcat shifter simply wants to enjoy the time his has left by living alone in his yurt, free to enjoy his Arizona homestead without anyone bothering him. Peace, quiet, and the warm desert sun… who needs anything more? If he regrets not having a family, well, it’s too late to worry about all that anyway. Isn’t it?

Leo Rosetti, an omega lion, is a recently widowed father to a six-month-old. Finally free of the “family” he escaped, he’s been traveling and trying to stay off his in-law’s radar. Misfired psychic dreams and a friendship with a couple from Arizona have him heading back to the states and closer to danger. Promises of pack protection and curiosity about homesteading offer a safe harbor where he can make a home… if it feels safe when he gets there.

What happens when two men with a wide age-gap and no desire for a partner find the one the fates say is theirs? It probably doesn’t help if one is a bit of a grump and the other has a snarky side. Between their unexpected adventures and the shenanigans happening elsewhere in the pack, this final Homesteaders story will keep you laughing and holding onto the edge of your seat for an ending you won’t see coming!

Return to the hills above Cottonwood, Arizona to a place where every shifter has a bit of special magic and a mismatched pack of homesteaders, preppers, and loners are a lot nosier about each other’s lives than they’d care to admit. Because no matter their differences—pack means family.

This novella is the fourth and final in this short-read series. This world contains mpreg, but doesn’t have a birth in every book due to short timelines. Be prepared for side-splitting laughs, a few tears, shifter-on-shifter violence, and a group of people who know that family always comes first. Also, all the feels you’d expect from a Susi Hawke original. See expanded blurb inside book for possible triggers.

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