Saving Choice

Find your mate and choose your fate.

A lonely, bullied Fae, Tyler is on the verge of death when an unexpected portal opens up and ushers him into the human realm. He awakens to a beautiful wolf shifter who seems to be the source of a new... heartsong. Could this strange heartsong indicate his true mate?

No majicks or tricks, nor cheat or spell… conceal you’re Fae and hide it well.

Blake is a museum curator who’s a little too curious for his own good. When he stumbles upon something he was never meant to see, everything changes.

The powers that be can’t send Tyler back to certain death in his own world with his Fae bullies, so they send Tyler home with Blake for one lunar cycle before the pair is forced to make a hard choice. In the meantime there's only one rule. They're forbidden to reveal Tyler's true identity as Fae. In exchange for keeping the secret, Tyler is given the opportunity to choose a spirit animal.

And that's where the fun begins

This is the second book in the Choose Your Fate series. This 44k mpreg novel contains a lot of magic, fluffy feels, and more than one familiar face. This book can be enjoyed on its own, but is best read as part of the series. Settle in and get ready to laugh and catch a case of feels from Susi Hawke.

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