Omega Healed

“It really is that easy, Sy. I'm yours, however you'll have me, for as long as you'll keep me. I'm trusting you with my heart, while you trust me with yours.”

Can your oldest friend also be your fated mate? The one person in all the world meant only for you?

Sy is a broken omega, a single father with a young daughter. His nights are spent tortured by nightmares from the past; while his days are filled with anxiety and the pain of having to live in the same pack as his fated mate. The alpha that he's known for his entire life is the one alpha that he could probably learn to trust with his heart. But this is also the one alpha that he can't allow himself to accept. 

Seth has loved Sy as a friend since they were in school together. When he saw him again for the first time as an adult, Sy was already heavily pregnant with another alpha's baby. An alpha that had no claim on Sy. Seth longed to claim his omega for himself, and to have the right to love Sy's little girl as if she were his own. Before he can get Sy to accept him as a mate, he must first step back and allow Sy to heal from the wounds of the past.

This book is intended for readers 18+ only. It contains lots & lots of pottymouth language, adults adulting in fun & naughty ways, and references to knotting, M/PREG, and a strong dose of insta-love. Every book in this series is a stand-alone novella of at least 30,000 words or more, and contains an HEA with absolutely no cliffhangers! While you can read these books on their own, it's best to read them in order for maximum enjoyment.

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