Omega Grown

Can a serious minded, older school teacher and a spoiled, bratty omega find their way to love?

Ryan is the last unmated omega from the original group that settled at the lodge. He's the runt of the pack. The beloved kid brother that everyone adores. Now he's all grown up, and has seen the joy that his friends all share with their mates. Ryan claims that he doesn't want a mate. He'd rather be alone than to be bossed around by yet another person who doesn't really see past his bratty exterior to the real man that lies beneath.

Ivan is a Russian alpha bear. He settled into the Northern Lodge Pack as a teacher in their one-room schoolhouse. His father, Doc Ollie is the pack doctor. Ivan is happy to have the chance to be near his dad again, and to have a job that he enjoys. His bear is intrigued by the spoiled little omega with the big mouth. Ivan isn't so sure.

This is the seventh book of the Northern Lodge Pack series. Every book is about 30k and guaranteed to have an HEA. You can read them on their own, but it's advised to read them in order for maximum appreciation. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, knotting, adults adulting in sexy, naughty ways and way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language.

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