Northern Pines Den Alphas Books 4-6

The Northern Pines Den series is an mpreg shifter series about found families, finding joy after pain, and the yummy scents of fated mates!

The Northern Pines Den of bears found a solid ally in the newly formed Northern Lodge wolf pack—and together they face a foe as fierce as she is evil: the den Alpha’s estranged sister.
Through their connection with the wolves, the den finds mates who breathe new life into their traditional ways, though opening their hearts leaves them easy targets for their enemies—but the den will do whatever it takes to protect their own.

This three hundred and twenty-two page bundle contains the final three books in this best selling series - all books are fully re-edited, freshly formatted, and guaranteed to give a serious case of the feels!


Alpha’s Wolf — A story of an unconventional pair. Alpha bear Liam is a lover, not a fighter, who runs a B&B, while omega wolf Frankie the Fingers is a former military intelligence operative who is currently helping Mikael track down his rogue sister. The fated pair—literally—run into each other in the midst of a storm from hell. With no wifi and cell reception, a possible traitor in the den, Liam's inability to slow down at the B&B and Frankie's compulsive need to trace the rogue, how can they each unwind enough to take a mate? 

Alpha’s Redemption — Alpha jaguar Hector leaves Belize and arrives in Mills Creek seeking his formerly betrothed mate only to find himself embroiled in the rogue war. All the local bear shifters will die without Hector’s empathic gift, a legacy that has passed through his family from ancient times. Sweet, lonely Drew is an omega bear who yearns to see the world that Hector has seen, but first they must protect the ones they love by finding a way to end the Rogue War.

Alpha’s Solstice — Ten years after the Rogue War ended, revisit each and every couple from the Northern Lodge Pack and The Northern Pines Den. Kai and Taylor, each the Alpha Mate of their respective communities, will join forces to plan the party to end all parties. From yule logs to bonfires, crazy aunties to placid betas, cubs and pups too... all of the shifters you know and love will be there for the holiday!

These books are all intended for 18+ readers only. It's advised to read the series in order for maximum appreciation. And yes, this book contains M/PREG, knotting, adults adulting in sexy naughty ways, and way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language! Caution: contains violent scenes and mentions of death as the pack is at war.

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