News Boy Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy

The popular News Boy trilogy chronicles the journey of one couple falling in love, developing their relationship, and finding their forever. This bundled collection contains all three books.

Book One: News Boy
Neil needs a bodyguard and a keeper. Fortunately, Brody can be both.

News anchor Neil Klein has a stalker but anyone guarding him must also be comfortable when he regresses to a “middle” while relaxing at home with his toy soldiers, juice boxes, and Mario collection. Neil doesn’t just require a bodyguard, what he really needs is a “Daddy” type of protector. Fortunately, Brody Johnson can do both with complete discretion.

Book Two: News Boy Storm Front
Even the best Daddies can’t keep the storms of life away… but they’ll always try.

Neil has a new safety scare and a huge storm about to hit the city while he and Brody are preparing for visiting family. With a stalker possibly coming his way, the city shutting down, and relatives descending, Neil needs all the middle time he can get. Their relationship is tested but Neil and Brody work together to face it all.

Book Three: News Boy Breaking News
Neil is supposed to report the news… not star in a featured story.

Brody proposes during a live news segment and Neil can’t say yes fast enough. What follows is a flurry of wedding planning, a bestie in crisis, terror in the newsroom, and finally… a ceremony that is absolutely them. And when it’s all over, Brody shows why he was always the right choice for his precocious middle by giving Neil the perfect honeymoon.

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