News Boy: Breaking News

Neil is supposed to report the news… not star in a featured story.

It’s Neil and Brody’s second anniversary and they should be celebrating or doing something amazing, right? Except, Neil’s been too distracted to organize anything. Luckily, his “Daddy” already has a plan.

A plan involving a sparkly platinum band and a promise of forever.

As soon as he says yes, everything speeds up and Neil is caught in a whirlwind of wedding planning, a bestie in a crisis and a terrifying situation in the one place that should always be secure… the newsroom.

This is a 30k novella and the final volume of the News Boy trilogy. Watch out for fans with crushes, a little who’s really a middle, and two elderly upper-class ladies fighting during a wedding. You’ll probably catch yourself giggling out loud, but what else can you expect from a Susan Hawke book?

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