Loving Sanctuary

Sanctuary B & B—Our wards are strong and our door is open!

Hey, y’all. It’s me, Darcy Valentine. As you might know, my life changed three months ago when I met my sexy vampire boyfriend Storm. He and his twin sister sought protection at the B&B I run inside the warded walls of the quirky, ancestral castle I call home with the rest of the special family my mama and I have built with the motley group of weirdos who live here.

Since then, we’ve been on a never-ending first date and life is glorious. Just don’t ask about my bossy mama and Storm’s sister—I prefer not to think of stuff that isn't my business. Things are getting better and while the world isn’t quite back to normal, we're working on it. Thanks to the brand-new laws banning the violation of mortals, I can even risk leaving the castle. Maybe.

We have a big garden here but after three years, a little variety would be amazing, y’all. The farmer’s market is open again and I’m willing to chance a trip if it means fresh greens. A banana would be nice, and pineapple that didn’t come from a can. Oh! And barbequed and smoked meat. Yes, please… to all the above. If I take enough weapons, I should be fine for a quick trip.

Except I can’t plan for the Cupid who causes a disruption. Or how rescuing him might cause unexpected side effects for everyone. Did you know a Cupid’s emotions have a rippling effect? Or that pheromones combined with a Cupid’s joy leaves anyone in the vicinity feeling friskier than a cat in heat? And don’t get me started on the ridiculous amounts of PDA.

I’ll have to fix everything. But first… I might have to sneak in some alone time with my boyfriend.

This 24k novella is the second in the Magical Mischief at the B&B series. This book does not contain mpreg, but it does have magical paranormal romance, enough heat to melt the butter on your biscuit, and way too many jokes about wood. If you’re looking for serious literature, this isn't it. If you want to laugh so hard you’ll wake the neighbors, this should get you there. And yes, it’s also got the fluffy, happy feels you’d expect from a Susi Hawke book. Just maybe don’t eat or drink while reading, okay?

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