LOVESTRONG Series Bundle: Books 1-4

LOVESTRONG: A series about love, found family and living one’s truth in a small town

This 229k bundle includes the first four books from this bestselling series and the prequel short that started it all.

How Not to Blend

One clueless single dad meets a sassy Southern drag queen in this fake-boyfriend story that will keep you in stitches

How Not to Tuck

A drag queen’s daring invitation given to his nemesis of a boss backfires in a sexy, fabulous way.

How Not to Sin

An average man who happens to be a preacher gets trapped during a blizzard with an easygoing, New Age kinda guy in this heartwarming tale about love and facing down bullies while standing up for what’s right.

How Not to Wait

Series prequel short featuring a desperate new adult who can’t ignore how badly he needs just one night with his father’s best friend.

How Not to Break

A former SEAL with a healthy dose of regret gets a second chance with his best friend’s son. But when the younger man needs protection from a dangerous stalker, he’s not just looking for help from a SEAL… he wants his heart too.

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