LOVESTRONG Series Bundle #2: Books 5-8

LOVESTRONG: A series about love, found family and living one’s truth in a small town

This 246k bundle includes the final four full-length novels from this bestselling romance series.

How to Heal Clark Danvers is a former bully seeking redemption in all the wrong ways. When it nearly kills him, he finds peace and love from an unexpected source… Deputy Rick Matthews. The jerk-face cop who always gets under his skin. Clark finally discovers the path to a happy future through the gentle guidance of a true Daddy.

How to Forgive Grayson Davis has come a long way from the bullied non-binary teen we met in How Not to Blend. All grown up now, thank you very much, they are a fabulous unicorn of a person who works as a counselor for at-risk LGBT youth. A laughable meet-cute with the head biker of the local MC unexpectedly brings romance into their life.

How to Live Derek Leigh knows two truths: he’s the unluckiest man alive and he will die alone. Except, neither holds true. He finds incredible fortune and then… he doesn’t die! In the aftermath of surviving breast cancer, he has to fix the life he blew up. Problem is, Derek has no idea “How to Adult.” His luck continues in the form of a happy-go-lucky tattoo artist who’s ready and willing to offer his assistance.

How to Love Hunter Riley has been living a half-life after being wrongfully made the subject of scandal in their small town, thanks to the lies of his ex. An arranged date for that same ex’s wedding drops pure sunshine into his life in the form of Quinn Sullivan. An immediate connection and a crazy case of instalove is nearly over before it begins thanks to life happening. Only good communication, a willingness to trust, and open hearts will see these two sweet souls living their HEA.

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