Lost in Dallas

Kyle isn’t a victim… he’s a survivor who needs to learn his worth.

An omega who’s narrowly escaped an abusive relationship seeks shelter with his flirty friend and boss… 

After low self-esteem sent Kyle into the arms of the wrong alpha—a cop with a Napoleon complex—he finds himself in an untenable situation that quickly escalates from bad to worse. After his relationship ends in the worst way imaginable, his boss takes him in, giving him a safe harbor and a friendly shoulder to lean on.

… an alpha with a gentle spirit and a heart of gold.

Dallas has longed for a family of his own, and he’s had his eye on the tall, thick omega with the sweet nature and juicy… smile. After Kyle repeatedly turned him down for dinner dates and got into a bad relationship, Dallas backed off but couldn’t quit flirting with his friend/employee. He’d never have interrupted another person’s relationship, but darn it, he saw Kyle first! Besides, what’s a little flirtation between friends?

Two men who are meant to be together but have a long road to get there.

Dallas knows that Kyle doesn’t need another bossy alpha. He needs to find his own inner warrior and make peace with himself before they can be more than friends.

Kyle is so obsessed with the size of his waist, that he almost misses his shot with the one alpha who will love him unconditionally in addition to being his best friend.

A simple bet about getting fit can offer huge rewards in the heart department. But how his Kyle supposed to decrease his waistline and get that six-pack he’s always wanted if he finds himself pregnant?

This mm book contains mpreg, and intended for 18+ readers. Trigger warning: this book contains scenes of domestic abuse. Please be aware that while this is part of the story, it is only in the beginning and there is a guaranteed happy ending. Parts of this book are a little darker than you’re used to from Susi Hawke, but an HEA and all the laughs, naughty-knotty times, and shmoopy feels that you’d expect are definitely included! This book is about 48k

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