Legacy Warriors Epilogues

Their parents were the ones to seal the portal that separates our world from the realm of the Fae. The goddess has a new job for this generation of legacy descendants… but first, she has a few tasks for them.

The Legacy Warrior books were an mpreg shifter series that followed the adult adventures of the children born in the The Blood Legacy Chronicles. Their journey began in book one where the first couple find themselves being drafted by the goddess Artio to help her uncover an ancient artifact. Over the course of the series, four couples were given four tasks to complete the goddess's quest. A beguiling mix of fun, fantasy, friendship and family—this series took reader’s breath away.

This is not a new book in the series! This is a compilation of the five epilogues that have been included in the bundled version of the series. These bonus stories show scenes of daily happenings within the pack now that they’re living their happily ever afters.

The epilogues contain a mix of sexy mate moments behind closed doors with an omega in a toppy mood, antics of cubs, gargoyles in the wild, and an intriguing glimpse of future pairings. If you read and loved this series, you’ll want to read these brand-new shorts of never before been seen material. 

These shorts are all intended for 18+ readers only. This is a short compilation of about 12.5k, but is only intended for adult readers as it contains adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways and there might be enough potty mouth language to make a sailor blush.

Note: This is from the fourth series of books that have all been set in the same universe. Each series can be read on its own, but if you want to read the world in its entirety, the suggested series reading order is: The Northern Lodge Pack, The Northern Pines Den, The Blood Legacy Chronicles, and finally, Legacy Warrior.

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