Legacy Over Time

Ages ago, the gods locked away a dangerous, powerful people... but the seal has been broken.

The Blood Legacy Chronicles was an mpreg shifter series like you’d never seen before. The adventurous journey began in book one where the portal that separates our realm from that of Fae was broken. Over the course of the series, the Legacy Pack was slowly brought together and given the monumental task of fixing the rift and saving our world before the Fae could come back to beguile, trick, maim and kill. An enchanting mix of fun, fantasy, friendship and family, this series took readers’ breath away. 

This is not a new book in the series! This is a compilation of the four epilogues that were originally included in the bundled version of the series. These bonus stories show what happened in the years after the original storied ended, and show a glimpse of what lies ahead in that world.

The epilogues take place five, ten, fifteen, and twenty years after the portal was repaired. You’ll see a familiar pair of exibitionist gargoyles putting on a show, as only they do. Skip ahead another five years to see the mischievous triplets displaying their powers. Then we go another five years to see the teenagers starting to take notice of each other… but whether Jun approves or not is another question. The final epilogue is a glimpse of what lies ahead. 

These bonus shorts are an important bridge between the Blood Legacy Chronicles and the brand-new Legacy Warriors series that features the adult children of the original Legacy Pack. This is a short compilation of less than 10k, but is only intended for adult readers as it contains adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways and there might be enough potty mouth language to make a sailor blush.

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