How Not to Tuck


An invitation given to a nemesis backfires in sexy, fabulous way.

Honey Combover slays them, honeyyy... and hey, she can't help it if her "equipment" is too large and in charge to stay tucked away during her drag performances, right? As for Honey's "other half", Larry Perretti is a large, kind man who excels loves his job teaching music at a private high-school.

Godric Sheppard is the principal of Grace Academy. He’s known for being a meticulous and authoritative man who’s never shown a hint of impropriety. In the two years they've known each other, the pair of passionate educators have never been able to agree on anything.

The two men clash when Godric tells Larry that he can't lead the Glee Club in performing Born This Waywhile dressed as his drag persona. He has a point, since Honey is infamous for her wardrobe malfunctions. Determined to show the uptight little prig that he can keep things, er, tucked away… Larry invites him to catch his show to prove him wrong.

After the inevitable untucking event occurs, Godric knows two things. One, Larry needs a keeper. And two? It probably needs to be him. Godric's firm hand and gentle touch is just what Larry needs. It doesn’t hurt that Larry melts a little every time Godric calls him pretty.

This 16k short novella is intended for adult readers only. The light bdsm themes, drag queens, and snake infestations will leave you smiling and begging for more. But what else could you expect from an S. Hawke book?

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