Hollydale, please!

Pages: 180

Tom's Fabulous Guide to Food & Entertainment

This is a unique unicorn of a book that could only have been told by Tom Samuels. While putting together a portfolio for his event planning business, Tom decided he needed to share the behind-the-scenes events that happened each month over the course of an entire year. His personal life had a few curveballs, but Tom persevered as he always does... fabulously.

This is so much more than a cookbook or a lifestyle book—it also contains a complete story, told throughout the months. The book itself is PG, but the recipes may have naughty jokes that aren't suitable for younger chefs. If you're cooking with your little ones—something Tom says he heartily approves of—please be aware and pre-read the recipe before showing it to your junior sous-chef. Or don't... but Tom wants us to warn you that he takes no responsibility for the questions that might pop up from such a foolhearted move.

This book includes:

~A twelve-month journey of living, laughing, and eating Hollydale style.
~A full story spread out over twelve months. Each one features Tom and a familiar couple from this fun, quirky little hotspot for supernatural love gurus.
~Tom has been kind enough to share thirty-five recipes from the Hollydale archives. We have yummies from Sweet Ballz and Salty Stix, savory foods from Kamasouptra, smoothies from Nut Juices, and so much more!
~This book is fully illustrated with original drawings of famous Hollydale points of interest, and fun food images to go along with each month’s theme.

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