Team: A.L.P.H.A.: Six battle-hardened alphas with one goal—to save any omega in peril 

Pax is the mysterious, faceless hacker the team turns to when their usual sources fail--and he likes to keep it that way. But when one of their information requests ends up with his bunker being raided by the cartel, they’re the only ones he can turn to.

Zeke Dempsey is raw, rough, and utterly unprepared for the lipstick clad spitfire that suddenly bursts into his life, claiming both his heart and his dull knife. He always thought finding your true mate made the whole falling in love thing easy--he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Pax’s past hasn’t given him any reason to trust anyone, and just because Zeke’s his true mate doesn’t change that. Can Zeke unlock Pax’s fashionably armored heart amidst the distractions of fighting the cartel, rescuing omegas, and meeting Zeke’s family?

This is the fourth book in our top-selling series, but can definitely be read as a stand-alone novel. You can expect to find naughty, knotty scenes of steamy passion, along with a lot of potty-mouth language and some violence. No humans were harmed in the writing of this book—unless they kinda deserved it. HEA definitely included, intended for 18+ readers only. Seriously, would you expect anything less from Susi Hawke and Crista Crown?

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