Guarding Sanctuary

Sanctuary B & B—Our wards are strong and our door is open!

Hey, y’all. It’s me, Darcy Valentine. I’m still enjoying a fabulous, never-ending first date with my sexy vampire boyfriend Storm. It’s been over five months now. Isn’t that crazy? He’s helping me with the B&B I run inside the warded walls of the quirky, ancestral castle I call home with the rest of the special family my mama and I have built with the motley group of weirdos who live here.

Life’s been mostly calm lately, but something always needs fixing. Lately, our animals have stopped producing—either that or someone’s stealing the milk and eggs in the middle of the night. I would tell the thief to help themselves if they're hungry, but we need dairy, too. Plus, there’s the matter of the gardens getting trampled… what’s that about?

What I thought was an internal problem involving our residents quickly turns into a slide down a rabbit hole where gargoyles exist and still aren’t the scariest creature to walk the face of the earth. No, hon, that honor’s reserved for the twinset-wearing, pearl-clutching, perfectly coiffed ladies of the neighboring HOA… and they’re gearing up for battle.

This 24k novella is the third in the Magical Mischief at the B&B series. This book does not contain mpreg, but it does have magical paranormal romance, an inappropriate, unfiltered mom, and a quirky group of people with zero boundaries. If you’re looking for serious literature, this isn't it. But if you want to laugh so hard you’ll wake the neighbors, this should get you there. And yes, it’s also got the fluffy, happy feels you’d expect from a Susi Hawke book. Just maybe don’t eat or drink while reading, okay?

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