Freedom Spiced Omega

Pages: 125

Two mismatched men. One unlikely friendship.

Jordan Kingsley is Hollydale’s most hated alpha. The man is seen as nothing more than a pretentious twit who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. So then, why does he find himself diving into a pond to save a life?

Trevor Johnson is the most accident-prone omega around. Kicked out by his father after finding himself pregnant, he wanders around town trying to figure out what to do. A fall into the duck pond at Plumtree park is nearly his undoing until Jordan rescues him.

Citing the old proverb that he’s responsible for the life he saved, Jordan shocks himself by befriending Trevor and offering him a place to stay. While other people have found the omega’s klutzy tendencies to be annoying, Jordan can’t help but be charmed.

Despite an age gap and the unplanned baby that’s on the way with no sire in sight, these unlikely friends just might find that they’re a perfect match.

Return to the world of Hollydale with a quirky romance filled with all the fluffy feels that you’d expect from a Hollydale novella. This is the thirteenth book of The Hollydale Omegas series but is absolutely able to be read as a standalone. This is a 35k novella and definitely contains an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, adults adulting in sexy grown-up ways, and way more than an occasional use of potty mouth language.

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