Davey’s Rules: The Complete Series: Volume One

Davey’s Rule #85: Daddy will always treat his boy like he's Daddy’s world… because that’s how it should be!

This 258k bundle includes the first four books from this bestselling series loosely centered around Davey—a guy on the search for a perfect Daddy… and the insane list of rules he makes along the way. Each book begins with Davey on a not-so-perfect date that ends after the perspective Daddy breaks three rules he didn’t know existed. Each failed date goes on to find his own perfect match and often with Davey’s help, whether they want it or not.

Rules to Follow

Davey’s college roommate shows up on his doorstep after leaving an abusive relationship. This is Travis and Adam’s story. While Adam rediscovers his own strength while accidentally finding love in the arms of someone he never knew he wanted—a perfect, nurturing Daddy-type who will love him unconditionally.

Rules to Break

After taking a bet right out of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, disciplinarian-type Daddy Bryan has ninety days to turn Preston—a bratty diva—into a polite guy that anyone would want to date. Bryan isn’t looking for a relationship while Preston wants to find true love. This should be a simple ninety-day bet with no problems, right?

Rules for Santa

Homeless, unemployed, and with no family who cares, Cameron Evans doesn’t dare wish for his holiday dreams to come true. All hope seems to be lost until he’s swept off his feet by the perfect Santa Daddy who wants to show him what it’s like to have a Daddy who only wants to spoil a sweetie like him.

Rules for Growing

Established couple Landon and Mikey unexpectedly find the missing piece they weren’t even looking for when a lonely “pup” stumbles into their lives.

This is the first of a two-volume set of bundles containing this complete series about not-so-perfect Daddies, adorable “boys,” and one sassy brat with an insane list of rules. Grab your fan and tissues because this series comes with both a high heat advisory and all the squishy feels you’d want from Susan Hawke’s books.

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