Dangerously H*rny

Take one young unicorn with a hopeless crush, add in a broken dragon, then toss a crazed “horn chaser” into the mix and watch out! Things are about to get dangerously h*rny. 

After getting shot down by his crush, Bo Luke runs off into the night… only to find himself injured and at the mercy of a familiar stranger.

When Mama Vee says jump, you don’t ask anything other than “how high?” With all the best trackers away from the compound, Mitch has no choice but to help find the hot, young unicorn omega he’d ruthlessly pushed away. When he goes searching for Bo Luke, the last thing he expects to find is the other half of his heartsong. 

Between a dangerous woman who won’t take no for an answer, an unexpected heat, and enough wacky clan members to send a sane man running… It might just take a miracle—and a little bit of fate—to bring these two men the happiness they crave. 

Dangerously H*rny is one a novella-length story from the Redneck Unicorns series. These stories are set several years after the events of the Waking the Dragons series, and while they can be enjoyed as stand-alones, they’re even better as sequels.

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