Chocolate Spiced Omega

Because Stix are better than Ballz...
Come in for our eclairs, and stay for the fabulous coffee.
Show this flyer for a 10% discount!
Ask about our Flakey Tasters Club!

Kent crumpled the lame azz flyer in his hand and looked across the street at the Salty Stix bakery and thought to himself... this is war.

Single father Pierre Duchamp has recently returned to Hollydale with plans to open Salty Stix, an authentic French bakery like the one he apprenticed at in Paris. The omega doesn’t have, need, or even want an alpha in his life—especially a provincial small town rube that doesn’t understand the concept of a little healthy competition.

Kent Hawkins doesn’t want drama. He just wants to spend his days making candy for Sweet Ballz—a place that is so much more than just a job, it’s his life. If only the thieving French baker across the street would quit revamping and one-upping Kent’s recipes.

A one-night stand gone wrong… two dessert loving men who can’t find a way to reduce their boil to a simmer… and a mysterious hippie who keeps accidentally making things worse while he blithely totes around his little harp. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Hollydale—a sweet little town where strange things happen but your friends are always there to have your back.

This is the fifth book of The Hollydale Omegas series. This book is about 27k and most likely contains an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, adults adulting in sexy grown-up ways, and way more than an occasional use of potty mouth language.

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