Alpha’s Strength

“Diego. Mate. Mine. I promise that I will never forget this moment as long as we live, Kitten. You are my omega now. I have claimed you and I will spend my life treasuring you.”

Alpha Heir Stefan is stunned as the scent of his fated-mate fills the air. When he sees the gorgeous omega with the caramel toned skin, whiskey brown eyes and silky black hair, his inner bear rejoices. He loves everything about the little bratty looking omega, even the arrogant glare he levels at Stefan when he catches the alpha eyeballing him.

Diego is a Jaguar shifter on the run from an arranged mating in his home village. He's traveled nearly four thousand miles to be with his primo, Jules, when fate steps in. One scent of his fated mate and Diego is ready to submit. The fact that he's a gorgeous alpha bear has nothing to do with it. Diego just believes in fate. Well, fate and good manicure.

This pair of mates finds their way together against the backdrop of the rogue war going on in the bear community. When the rogues attack the den, the little omega shifter just might be the one to save the day. 

This is the third book of the Northern Pines Den series. This book is 30k and guaranteed to have an HEA. It's advised to read the series in order for maximum appreciation. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, knotting, adults adulting in sexy naughty ways, and way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language! Caution: contains violent scenes and mentions of death as the pack is at war.

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