Alpha’s Seal

Ages ago, the gods locked away a dangerous, powerful people… but the seal has been broken

River is a practical, intuitive omega wolf with an unerring sense of direction. He can make a map to anywhere in the world… except a permanent home. As a free spirit, he goes where the wind takes him after a life spent without roots. 

Mark is an alpha wolf from the rugged coast of Maine with an almost pathological need to follow the rules. He comes from a background with nothing but roots... roots so deep they almost strangled him. 

River and Mark need to figure out a way to find a future together despite their differences, while also doing their part to finally seal the crack in the Fae portal. 

Get ready to join the legacy pack for one last memorable trip to Effie's house to visit our favorite Phoenix, her trusted brownie companion, Maon, and that outrageous pair of gargoyles who never fail to surprise.

This is the final book of The Blood Legacy Chronicles, and needs to be read in order of release for maximum enjoyment as it’s part of an adventure series. This book about 27k and pretty much guaranteed to have an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains Mpreg, and adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways. It also contains way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language! Possible trigger for violence.

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