Alpha’s Mates

My cara and mi vida. My beloved and my life. They were my everything, these mates of mine.

Omega bear Colin is kidnapped from the scene of an accident. Taken to a remote cabin high 
on a lonely mountainside, Colin is at the mercy of his captors with no hope of rescue.

Alpha wolf Sean is protective of omegas after years spent caring for his brother Taylor. After 
seeing an omega taken captive while being powerless to stop it, he is determined to do whatever 
it takes to bring the young man home.

Alpha jaguar Jules is a former soldier, keeping watch over a suspiciously abandoned cabin up on 
mountain top. When he finds the rogues there holding an omega captive, Jules must spring to 
action and plan the extraction. After he discovers the omega is his fated-mate, Jules' inner 
cat is ready to attack.

The three fated-mates must find a way to save Colin while dealing with the rogue pack that have 
declared war on the Northern Pines Den before they can figure out what it means that the gods have
ordained that three of them be mated. 

This is the second book of the Northern Pines Den series. This book is 36k and guaranteed to have 
an HEA. It's advised to read the series in order for maximum appreciation. 18+ readers only please! 
And yes, this book contains M/PREG, knotting, adults adulting in sexy naughty ways, and way more than 
the occasional use of potty mouth language! Caution: contains violent scenes as the pack is at war.

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