Alpha’s Dom

Ages ago, the gods locked away a dangerous, powerful peopleā€¦ but the seal has been broken

Lion alpha Tau Jabari is on sabbatical from his medical career in Kenya when he stumbles over a pregnant omega in the jungles of Belize about to give birth. Assisting him is an efficient omega who smells like... mate.

Red Panda shifter Jun Chen is a sassy little omega... but an omega Dom. He's intrigued when he scents his fated mate, so what's his first move? Why, to put a collar on that sexy alpha, of course.

Can an alpha really be happy being submissive to a dominant omega? Join Jun and Tau as they work with the other legacy descendants on the next quest in the goddess Artio's plan to save mankind from the Fae who want to invade our realm.

This is the fourth book of The Blood Legacy Chronicles, and should be read in order of release for maximum enjoyment. This book about 27k and pretty much guaranteed to have an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains Mpreg, and adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways. It also contains way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language! Make sure to have a fan ready, this one is extra steamy.

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