The Sanctuary Bundle

Sanctuary B & B—Our wards are strong and our door is open!

Hey, y’all. It’s me, Darcy Valentine. I’m still enjoying a fabulous, never-ending date with my sexy vampire lover Storm D’arcy. Go ahead and laugh at our name combo, heaven only knows we do! Every day’s a fun new adventure when you go together like toast and jam.

Stormy and I are busy raising our princess while we run our B&B inside the warded walls of the ancestral castle we call home. With us are the rest of the special family we’ve built that includes my mama, Stormy’s sister and all the quirky, lovable weirdos who live here.

Settle in and try not to pee your pants laughing while you enjoy this complete recounting of our love journey from meet-cute to sweet proposal. It’s all here—every hilarious detail and the nailbiting moments too.

And the parts where bad people get what’s coming to them? I have zero regrets—it’s my job to protect this sanctuary and I won’t let my family down.

This 130k volume contains the complete Magical Mischief at the B&B series with no extras. This is an mm paranormal series that’s equal parts romance, comedy, and adventure—and 100% ridiculous. It does not contain mpreg.

If you’re looking for serious literature, this ain't it. But if you want to laugh so hard you’ll wake the neighbors, this should get you there. There might be a few tears, but it’s mostly filled with all the fluffy, happy feels you’d expect from a Susi Hawke book. It could also be a choking hazard due to an unseemly amount of awful jokes, so maybe don’t eat or drink while reading, okay?

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